Cabvision Starts Our Campaign Journey

Alex Hughes

Given that T5 is being billed as a blueprint for DOOH across Heathrow, it’s good to see that T5 practices what it preaches – this campaign seemed to be everywhere yesterday when we were in London and for us the ‘campaign’ journey started in the back of a London taxi cab and as you will see if you read on makes full use of the DOOH assets across London…

Bottom line, this T5 material is a great example of a fully integrated campaign. On the way to lunch yesterday we first saw the ad on the Cabvision Network…

…and as we entered Piccadilly Circus Tube to go home that evening, the usual London Lite was thrust into our hands AND within was (surprise, surprise) an ad showing a still photo of the above child’s play area at T5 accompanied by a strap-line along the lines of “this photo was taken yesterday at 2.13pm”.

Of course, as I descended into the London underground, CBS’ DEP’s were also running a series of T5 ads!!!

Now that, in my mind, is a well planned, well bought and well executed campaign using mixed media and playing to the strengths of multiple channels to get the message across.

The creative idea and execution from BBH works well, focusing on what has just happened at T5 at specific points in very recent time. Highlighting the efficiency and smooth running of the terminal through smart copy and crisp photography is simple and effective – the campaign is almost certainly partly in response to the negative press T5 received when it opened but it also serves to prepare the traveller who might be on their way from London to Heathrow.

What is really smart, is that the points in time are usually ‘yesterday’ backed up by real statistical detail and research – a creative message that is ideally suited to both daily commuter newspapers and of course DOOH where the copy makes full use of the idea of near real-time time scheduling which is a nice touch.

Using the immediacy of advertising channels in a creative way to highlight a specific point and deliver a precise message, gets people thinking about the product/brand/service immediately; something most brands probably want all their advertising to achieve all of the time.

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  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    The line “We had to stop at 2pm to make this ad” is very powerful, but unfortunately probably driven by the fact that it goes to print as well as to digital media. One would hope that if the campaign was only shown across digital media, the deadline could be a lot later.

    How long will it be before we see a spoof along the lines of “We had to stop losing your bags at 2pm to make this ad”?


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