Context Aware Location-Based Mobile

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

That which is convenient does not always make life better – junk food, drive-thru’s, big box stores, mortgage banks on every corner immediately come to mind BUT what happens when two industry technologies couple to delivery an ideal and convenient experience? 

Well, if that experience is derived from a Bluetooth enabled smart phone matched with a Digital Out-of-Home display that delivers proximity broadcasts, life can be better, much better. Let’s look at a little case study to see what is possible now…

Destination: Gaslamp Quarter, Downtown San Diego, California

Transport to Destination: Auto

Transport at Destination: Foot travel

Group: Bachelorette party

Group Objective: Consume a lot of alcohol on little cash

Commercial Objective: Bars want buyer traffic on their floor

So imagine if you will, the commercial solution for all of this …

  1. A DOOH display company builds stand-alone poster-size boards that can also attach to sides of buildings – similar to movie poster art – enabled with Bluetooth reception of data
  2. a smart phone manufacturer integrates a smart chip that can support WiFi, Bluetooth, and RFID
  3. an application developer designs an app that allows the handset user to input all their favorite restaurants and bars in all their favorite cities

So, the bar owners, application developer, and outdoor display company come together to partner, designed to orchestrate a solution to drive traffic into the bars to increase alcohol sales. 

The solution is based upon proximity.  As the group of gals walk by the DOOH display, the handset/app transmits to the board the bar favorites for all cities. 

The board recognizes those bars coded for San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, calculates the number of entries per bar per the bachelorette party and ranks the bars to display. 

The top ranked bar is displayed on the DOOH board along with a code for discounted drinks.  A coupon could then be sent to the handset for display to the bartender or perhaps a password displayed on the DOOH board such as “Some Like It Hot” for the gals to repeat to the bartender.

Here is a solution that generates sales, drives money through the economy, and perhaps, makes life (or at least a bachelorette party) better.

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