New Posterscope USA DOOH Resources

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

James Davies, Chief Strategy Officer of Posterscope USA told us this weekend that “There are over a million digital advertising displays in North America with approximately 250 digital networks in the US and over 2,000 digital billboard and street furniture locations. The diversity of screens available and the constantly evolving technology is one of the sector’s greatest assets, but inevitably it can also be confusing”.

Posterscope USA has developed two resources to help marketers, creatives and media agencies get to grips with the diverse range of digital out-of-home opportunities in the US market. Posterscope’s Screengallery website and digital Creative Optimization Guide are the latest in a series of initiatives launched by Hyperspace, Posterscope’s specialized digital and innovations unit.

  1. Screengallery is a deliberately simple website that provides an image library for the continuously growing and evolving digital out-of-home space. Static and video images are provided for digital out-of-home advertising products from each media company, with each product having its own webpage. The website is organized by environment making navigation easy for planners and advertisers to search among the array of digital out-of-home opportunities.
  2. Posterscope’s Creative Optimization Guide helps advertisers better understand specific screen environments for the digital out-of-home space, so creative development is optimized for specific audiences, environments and formats. Details of how to receive this interactive application which includes exemplary and inappropriate creative work can be found at
  3. Note: Content within the Creative Optimization Guide is pretty similar to the UK version that we covered back in 2008 but with more US creative examples and more US networks.

The launch of Posterscope’s Screengallery and Creative Optimzation Guide in the US seems to represent the continued expansion of successful tools and initiatives from around Posterscope Worldwide’s global network – especially perhaps now that James Davies has expanded his very successful UK role to encompass North America also.

James Davies added “Screengallery provides a quick overview of the space – a visual resource that shows you exactly what any particular screen actually looks like … Digital screens can offer an excellent complement to more traditional OOH formats and advertisers are increasingly exploiting the resulting creative opportunity. Our Creative Optimization Guide will help advertisers optimize creative engagement specifically for the digital out-of-home space”.

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