More BroadSign rVue Integration

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

BroadSign of course carried out a first phase of integration with rVue late last year, becoming the first digital signage software company to do so and now following on from the announcement earlier this week that ‘RDM Integrates NEOCAST With rVue’ we have another announcement on a second phase of integration.

The announcement states that the Open API integration between the two platforms has been fully completed. More importantly perhaps to date, 21 of the DOOH networks running on BroadSign have opted in to be part of rVue’s inventory. Which networks and whether the likes of Neo Media Group or Accent Health have signed up was not forthcoming.

Broadsign-powered networks can now be visible to the advertisers and agencies who use rVue to find DOOH ad inventory that meets their demographic and geographic criteria.

Brian Dusho, President and Chief Strategy officer of Broadsign told us “Our integration with rVue is a precursor of the future industry-wide automation of cross-network DOOH campaigns. The irony today is that while our medium employs cutting edge technology, when it comes to aggregating cross-network buys – the coordination is for the most part manual. Together, rVue and BroadSign resolve that challenge and bring DOOH inventory to the media-buyer’s table in an easy-to-buy, transparent and accountable way.”

One Response to “More BroadSign rVue Integration”

  1. J Woolsey Says:

    Really glad to see Brian Dusho came to his senses, integration of cross-network campaigning, what an idea, what a partnership…

    I would like to point out that “rVue” is “Seesaw” with new lipstick, you can put new lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

    The solution is very simple, separate the wheat form the chaff, best of luck with your new lipstick.


    J. Woolsey

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