Nice Win For Quividi, Tokyo

Chris Sheldrake

21st June 2010 and a consortium of 11 Japanese transport operators launched the ‘Digital Signage Promotion Project’ (DSPP), a one-year digital out of home trial deployment in Tokyo’s underground.

Put simply JR and 10 other train companies in Tokyo are collaborating to create one media: 27 displays in 20 Tokyo stations run by the 11 train companies themselves.

Much has been made in the mainstream (and our industry) press along the line of ‘M_______ R_____ billboards coming to Tokyo railway stations’ – our sources tell us that Quividi software is being used to do the audience measurement which makes us think that Vanten also must have a hand in the system somehow – since as far as we know they are the sole distributor of Quividi in Japan.

We won’t comment on the blimen’ M_______ R_____ references any more as it’s all just codswoddle (now trying look that up on the ‘Interlink’).

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