Amscreen Forecourt Network Event Packs

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As the build-out of Amscreen’s forecourt network reaches completion, digital out of home media sales house Digicom has launched the first forecourt network packs. These are designed to make it easy and cost-effective for advertisers to access particular audiences at particular times of the year or around particular events, optimising budget and advertising influence by providing direct targeting options…

  • The month-long August Rehydration pack – featuring the forecourt network AND Amscreen’s newly-launched WHSmiths Air and Rail digital screen network.
  • The New Car Registration pack (which can provide both broadcast cover and tailored dealer support options), spanning the run up to and start of the new registration plate release, accessing an audience of car owners when they’re with their vehicles and in a motoring mindset.
  • The Football Season Starter pack. Designed for brands and products with messages associated with ‘the beautiful game’ as another season gets underway.
  • The Football Season Partnership pack, which spans the duration of the football season, running Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and all day at the weekends, which should provide a uniquely targeted opportunity for brands with relevant communication objectives to access a football-focussed audience.

Digicom MD of Sales and Marketing, Chris Forrester told us “The forecourt network now comprises 1600 venues nationwide, delivering over 35million audience impacts every fortnight, which equates to unique cover of 18% of the adult population over that period. This massive coverage coupled with the screens’ ability to provide flexible location- and time-based targeting, gives us the ability to package advertising spots into ‘off the shelf’ campaigns that make reaching large numbers of a particular audience and particular mindset extremely straightforward and cost-effective for brands.”

Other tailored packs will be released to provide further bespoke promotional opportunities designed to complement calendar events we are told.

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