AVC Productions And MicroTiles

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

When a company can hardly keep a product in stock, you know that product is something special.

And that’s what has happened with U.K.-based AVC Productions Ltd., since it purchased 55 Christie MicroTiles.

With a number of operations spread around the Home Counties and the Capital itself (ie. the U.K. and London) and a 28-year history in event production under its belt, AVC Productions is always eager to introduce the latest technology to its clients.

Specialising in the corporate sector, it has produced more than 200,000 events since its launch in 1981. The company has evolved with the demands of its clients, offering a complete portfolio of event services.

For many years the company has turned to Christie as one of its principle suppliers of cutting edge projection technology, but this month, the evolutionary path reached its zenith with the delivery of Christie multi-award-winning MicroTiles digital displays.

Phill Pearce, AVC’s head of technical services, ordered 55 of the modules after seeing them for the first time at February’s ISE Show in Amsterdam. MicroTiles proved to be one of the real highlights of the exhibition and has subsequently generated a huge response across all EMEA markets.

“We have been a Christie partner for at least 15 years, but its major presence at this show, and the launch of this revolutionary product, really took us by surprise,” says Pearce.

AVC’s purchasing policy is based on procuring the kind of cutting-edge technology most likely to create a wow factor for its clients, enabling the company to offer innovative solutions and keep one step ahead of the competition.

“If it fits within our remit then we will purchase it,” says Pearce.

AVC was also impressed with MicroTiles versatility, and once it had put a demo rig in front of its customers and received a universal thumbs-up, the purchasing decision became a no-brainer.

This is because the MicroTiles can be stacked and clustered like building blocks to create display walls of any shape or scale, and because of its incredible brightness, contrast and colour reproduction – as well as the almost imperceptible space between each tile – allowing them to be set up with any configuration and creative.

AVC’s 55 modules had barely been delivered when they were out the door via a third party, at the BIBA 2010 Conference & Exhibition, at ExCeL London.

“Everyone loved them and in view of their versatility, we see great potential for further dry hire,” says Pearce.

Focusing on AVC Prductions’ own core market, Pearce makes special mention of the possibility of using MicroTiles in multi-tile single columns for signage purposes, complemented by a conventional wall or part of a creative treatment from a reception area though to plenary session and beyond, as the product’s flexibility is endless.

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