Access360Media Shuffle Their Deckchairs

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Access360Media this week announced a ‘new executive team at its headquarters in New York’ but the press release itself was actually dangerously close to sounding more like shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic.

The summary was:

  • Veteran digital advertising executive and Internet pioneer Art Williams assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – this is the man of course who oversaw the demise of Arena Media Networks (AMN). Back in April they had stated “With the acquisition, Art Williams, CEO and co-founder of Arena Media Networks, joins Access 360 as president and COO”
  • An example of a deckchair

  • Lon E. Otremba has been elevated (their words) to the heady heights (our words) of Chairman. Lon was originally the CEO of Access 360 Media.
  • William Powers has been named Executive Vice President of Sales
  • Dave Roberts, Access 360’s Executive Vice President of Team Partnerships, will be responsible for managing the company’s strategic partnerships.
  • Corey Silverman has been appointed Executive Vice President of Marketing to manage communications and business development.

There was a great piece in the actual press release which cheered us up no end on a Friday, we quote “Prior to Access 360’s acquisition of Arena Media Networks (AMN) in April of this year, Williams served as co-founder and CEO at AMN which he and Roberts built into the premier digital place-based media firm in the U.S” -ummm, not sure what their definition of ‘premier’ actually is but perhaps it has something to do with AMN going premier tango uniform?

Williams’ priority is we are told, to help advertisers harness the power of Access360’s two premier products: Mallvision, a partnership with retail developers such as Simon Malls to program screens in shopping malls across the country’s most desired DMAs, and the newly acquired AMN digital network, AMNtv, the nation’s largest unwired sports and entertainment TV network, providing brands access to more than 100 million passionate fans attending sporting events, concerts and family entertainment events annually.

Access360 claim that there networks are available nationwide on nearly 20,000 screens in approximately 100 locations, with the potential to reach more than 54 million viewers each month.

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