Digital Signage Masters Series – Lessons in Retail

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Lyle Bunn‘s next Digital Signage Masters Series is on August 18th in Toronto and will feature Cathy Stauffer, VP Customer Experience at Premier Retail Networks (PRN) who will be talking about ‘The Lessons of Digital Signage in Retail‘.

Key insights will be provided to retailers, brands, advertisers, network operators, integrators and suppliers of technologies, content, ad sales and other network elements on the use of Dynamic Place-based Media for customer-facing marketing and communications success in retail and dining.

We are told that, the information-rich presentation will include lessons and best practices for the planning, deployment and operation of dynamic media networks in retail and dining locations. Areas will include customer engagement, defining objectives, key relationships, network planning, technology selection, content strategy and composition, integration with other marketing programs, ad sales and the retailer/brand/network operations partnership.

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