Alternatives To Twitter?

Chris Sheldrake

When informed me this morning (Sunday 08:30 BST) “Twitter is currently down for planned maintenance. We expect to be back in a few hours. Thanks for your patience” I immediately thought (a) how can a global business like Twitter take it’s whole site down and wish to be taken seriously (b) is their planned maintenance so haphazard that they cannot even put a proper time on it (a countdown on the site might be a good idea if they REALLY have to go completely offline or a “we’ll be back at xx:xx” for heaven’s sake) and (c) what alternatives (if any) are there to Twitter?

“It’s cool, I can chill” says Twitter. Well actually I can’t! It may be a a relaxed Sunday morning in the UK (or approaching midnight in the US) but some of us have work to do and as I wrote in the post ‘Emirates Computers Deploy Network For Urban Planning Council‘ there’s whole regions in the Middle East (and elsewhere) hard at work on a Sunday.

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  1. T Says:

    Google Buzz is the only one I know. That and Facebook.

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