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Ströer Megaposter, Berlin

This may be large, okay VERY large – it’s 35 metres long x 20 metres high but it can ONLY be seen at night so whilst it looks great we really don’t think it can be rated as the largest commercial screen in Europe – that honour still MOST DEFINITELY falls to Ocean Outdoor’ screen in Liverpool [1] at 31 metres in length by 7 metres high.

The screen is in Berlin, installed on an old gasometer by a company called ‘satis&fy’ for Ströer Megaposter. If you look carefully in the picture above you will seen the screen ’tiled’ so to speak in 8 of the X frames.

Gerd Henrich, CEO of Ströer Megaposter told us “The illuminated advertising makes possible … animated pictures and videos. It will light the sky above Berlin-Schöneberg and will gradually make its contribution to the gasometer’s refurbishment”

It’s driven by 42media group’s web-based “Oxygen Media Platform”

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#1 Comment By Juliane Ranft On 21 August 2008 @ 13:23 @599

Why is the nightscreen in Berlin not the largest commercial screen? 35 x 20 meters is bigger than 31 x 7, or????

Best regards,
Juliane Ranft