The Screen “LED Straw Poll”

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Thursday, June 28, 2007 17:00

Last month in Paris, one of our European members asked ” Who manufactures and sells the best (large / outdoor) LED screens? ”

This kicked off a bit of research and a furious debate. We started off by asking that question to (a) our Screen mailing list AND (b) my 1,360+ strong LinkedIn network

From that (and lots of lots of emails), the Top three recommendations were easily: –

1. Barco
2. Mitsubishi
=3. Altoona
=3. Lighthouse


A selection of quotes…

“Barco of Belgium has been doing impressive large displays for several years, some are LED based”

“but the worldwide leader in this is Barco”

“Try Barco. They are really good, innovative, competitive and high Quality”

“Barco for the best quality (highest cost) standard. Lighthouse for great quality and innovative technology (and hungrier than Barco so maybe a better deal). Daktronics if money is a problem”


A selection of quotes…

“Overall probably Mitsubishi”

“Mitsubishi. The Diamond Vision LED screens are like anything else indoors or outdoors”

“Mitsubishi are the clear leader by a country mile at present in terms of quality and longevity”


Three experts however stressed the importance of taking a look at the backlighting that goes into the LED itself and suggested looking at: –

Nichia –


Philips Lumileds –

And I quote…

“Lumiled has good LEDs, Nichia would be my preferred LED supplier, but then again, it depends on what BIN manufacturers use of the various LED producers out there and what LED technology we are talking about (SMD versus discreet for instance – indoor, outdoor?) ”

“Nicha LED’s is your #1 choice”

“Not all LEDs are created equal. Take a look at for some of the best and brightest LEDs around. They don’t sell or manufacture screens but the backlighting that goes into them”

    Further Reference

These were all recommended by 1 or more people…

Altoona –

Lighthouse –

Screen Technology –

Vidiwall –

SignBlazer –

Daktronics –

Litelogic –

Fourlight –

Magink –

Magink is not an LED but has been getting a lot of press, see

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