Sticky: Kelly Brooke Bares All In Battersea

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ocean Outdoor‘s landmark site at Battersea Power Station launched a large format outdoor advert for Reebok featuring Kelly Brooke this morning (Wednesday 4th August).

The poster, which sees Kelly Brooke posing in nothing but a pair of Reebok EasyTone trainers, was unveiled by the model herself on Ocean’s 96-sheet site on Battersea Park Road earlier today (shown above).

Running for 2 weeks from 4th until 15th August, the advert sits against the iconic backdrop of Battersea Power Station, which is passed by 670,000 people a fortnight.

Richard Malton, marketing director at Ocean Outdoor told us “The fantastic positioning partnered with the striking imagery creates a high-impact campaign for Reebok. With such an iconic back drop behind the ad and Kelly Brooke unveiling it, Reebok can expect a high return on investment. ”

The campaign is supporting the UK launch of the EasyTone products earlier this year; the campaign aims to show women under 30 that wearing the trainers can help tone muscles. The tagline copy states ‘Kelly Brooke wears Reebok EasyTone‘ alongside an eye-catching picture of her lying naked on her stomach flaunting the trainers.

5 Responses to “Sticky: Kelly Brooke Bares All In Battersea”

  1. Married Man Says:

    So the poster site’s not digital and the tenuous link to the DailyDOOH is…?

    Oh – of course – Kelly Brooke!

    Need we say more 😉

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    It’s NOT digital? Oh DARN what were we thinking?

    I can only apologise profusely to all of our male readers. I assure you it will NOT happen again.

  3. Tom Milner Says:

    What a missed opportunity for digital….it would have been even more interesting if she was moving! 😀

  4. Mark Solomon Says:

    Married Man…

    Given the grief that Grant Branfoot and the guys at Ocean have to go through to get a digital billboard up and running with a bit of subtle animation for Sky, BMW or whoever, I dread to think what the Highways Agency, TfL and Wandsworth Council would say about a 98% naked Kelly Brook that so much as winks at you.

    Also, in that part of London, there’d be a lot of accidents involving Mini-driving estate agents and members of the building trade which I’m sure is a bad thing, but I’m not sure why.

  5. Married Man Says:

    Well how disappointing –if you are right then clearly the Administration Department of Great Britain requires an injection of sauciness as once celebrated in many a Carry-on movie and dare I say, Mr Benny Hill.

    If they’re likely to object to a 98% naked version I’ll happily suggest to them we reduce that to 96% by providing her with a pair of inflatable armbands.

    Moving onto a serious point, I think a controlled test between a paper-based Ms Brooke and an animated one would surely prove without question the sheer power of pixles over paper as a communications medium. Rather than measure sales lift, we could just count ambulances.


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