Heathrow T3 Retail Roundup

Andrew Neale

I was on my way to Toronto yesterday, to spend some time in the R&D lab of one of our customers, and I had to wait rather a long time for a plane.

The Air Canada flight (normally so prompt) scheduled for departure at 15:00 BST didn’t take off until 01:30 am the next morning – meaning a wait of over 10 hours.

Anyway, given the time for an extended wander round London Heathrow’s Terminal 3 departure lounge (as well as the usual JC Decaux screens throughout the terminal), there are a number of individual deployments in the retail units throughout the main departure lounge shopping area worth a look.

  • First was this install for Paco Rabanne (picture shown to the right here). Paco Rabanne had a pair of LG panels mounted on either side of a glass partition which lent the display an air of quality, but unfortunately they suffered from reflections from the high ambient levels of store lighting.
  • Giorgio Armani had two very nice free standing single-sided pod designs. They pointed in opposite directions with a nice graphic on the reverse but again suffered from problems with reflections (it is incredibly bright in some of the retail areas).
  • One of my favourite displays was the one for Absolut Vodka. This was actually a higher resolution LED modular display on mounted on top of the shelves on two sides which made a change from all the other LCD panels (and of course did not suffer the same ‘reflection’ issues).
  • There were also three Dell monitors forming an (almost ad-hoc) mini tower display. This system from Spectrum Interactive was advertising the internet terminal station it was attached to and was also showing UK Home Office and Foreign Office public information as part of the loop.

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