Intel® Visual Adrenaline

Chris Sheldrake

Whilst (at the moment at least) slightly more focused on the gaming community than what we would typically expect in our industry we get a lot out of reading Intel® Visual Adrenaline – Intel’s magazine about graphics and 3D animation in relation to video games and various digital media products.

The seventh issue of Intel® Visual Adrenaline magazine is particularly good, highlighting the advancement of visual computing, with an insider’s look at:

  • How DreamWorks Animation has taken the world lead in 3D cinema
  • How Star Trek* Online ups the visual level of MMO gaming when run on Intel® HD Graphics
  • How the insiders at Intel used tips and tricks, optimizing their own demo of Fireflies to run on power-sipping netbooks
  • How Sid Meier’s Civilization* 5 was built with a new architecture and a new game engine for this genre-defining franchise
  • How the international academic community teams up with Intel to demonstrate how visual computing can enhance our lives through more realistic simulations
  • How Adobe Creative Suite* 5, the video editing and rendering package, is put to work by the Bandito Brothers, taking full advantage of multi-core and 24 threads

Download the PDF and have a read.

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