Lemonade Stand + Digital = Let’s Get a Patent!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ladies and gentleman of the digital signage world it looks like we have just caught ourselves a Patent Troll.

A couple of prominent digital signage vendors this week told us that they had received letters from the law firm DLA Piper representing an anonymous party (okay it wasn’t truly anonymous ‘anonymous’ but a recently registered company going by the name of Minkus Electronic Display Systems is a simple way of hiding one’s identity) claiming patent rights on what we think is some petty basic ‘sign’ stuff.

We are currently co-ordinating a response of said parties as this to us looks so much like an attempted industry shakedown as not to be true.

So in the strictest confidence (blabber mouths that we are it’s not often you will hear us say that) if you have received a legal letter from DLA Piper let us know and we will put you in contact with the others who have.

If there is a need to fight this then it makes sense to share legal fees and knowledge etc. – in fact surely it is what the industry associations are for?

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