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Digicom Three Becomes DigiOne

It has not even taken two years for three to become one. With much fanfare the UK’s media wrote back in October 2008 ‘Former CBS CEO Launches DIGICOM [1]‘ when Tom Goddard launched Digicom together with Ralph Ahern and Tim Butler.


Going, staying (well he owns it after all), gone!

Ralph left in September 2009 [3] and now news reaches us that Tim Butler is to leave the company at the end of August.

The official press release from Digicom announces that Tim Butler, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, will be leaving the company on 31st August 2010 to establish his own business, Akeman Solutions, that will provide businesses and departments of 20-50 people with easy to use, flexible, cost effective business management and reporting solutions.
Digicom also announced: –