Minicom Buy One Get One Free

Chris Sheldrake

Okay not quite buy one get one free but we quite like the idea from Minicom here which is basically ‘buy any MDS Broadcaster and get one signagelive license FREE for one year!

It’s a nice joint promotion that goes a long way in demonstrating how confident these folks are of their products and sales strategies.

The hook of course is that clever old signagelive have full integrated support within signagelive itself for Minicom Vision 3000 products and they obviously want resellers to benefit from the combined solution to achieve the best digitally managed digital signage network both from the web using signagelive and locally using the Minicom range of distrubtion products.

We are not exact sure of our pricing but the offer is probably worth something like GBP 265 as that we believe is the MRSP for a 1 year Display Edition of signagelive.

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  1. Yawan Says:

    Seems like desperation and the give away. Well done Signalive, never short of PR puffery and a stroke of tactical genius but where will this lead?

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