Is Turtle Bay Technologies Behind Minkus EDS?

Chris Sheldrake

David Gothard, president of Activision.TV, talking yesterday in an exclusive interview with our North American editor suggested that Turtle Bay Technologies may – let’s stress that ‘MAY’ for a second here shall we? i.e. before we get yet another bored and under-employed lawyer onto us, Ed – be behind Minkus Electronic Display Systems and the patent suit it (Minkus) has taken out against almost 40 companies who play in the digital signage sector.

Turtle Bay Technologies describe themselves as a ‘Patent Investment Fund‘; providing “strategic capital, asset management services, and guidance for intellectual property owners” and whilst they claim to “partner with companies, universities, and inventors to monetize their IP while also maximizing protection of the asset” they also have somewhat of a reputation for simply buying up patents and going after ‘easy targets’.

DLA Piper’s senior media guy (legal counsel Sean Cunningham from DLA Piper in San Diego we were told represents Minkus) promised us late on Tuesday that they would get back to us. So far they haven’t so we will be ringing again on Thursday…

  1. Does Loren Minkus have any ownership, financial or otherwise with the new company Minkus EDS
  2. Who are the other owners / shareholders of Minkus EDS (for example are Turtle Bay Technologies involved or not)
  3. If Loren Minkus is still employed by Motorola and he is involved personally in these patent cases (see question 1) and there is no reason to think he is not still employed, what does his current employer think of all of this and why on earth did they sell / assign the patent away earlier this year?

… are just three of the sort questions that need to be answered!

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