Non Lethal DigiBikes

Chris Sheldrake

Strangely enough, these DigiBikes from UK based Media Displays seem to be gaining a lot of interest, last week West Midlands Police launched a crack down on robbery, using the DigiBikes to communicate with people around the West Midlands area in, what will be, a year long campaign.

Looking more like something from Wacky Races than a serious marketing vehicle – get the pun there? Ed – this story has reached India and the US. One of the quotes in the US was hilarious where they say “What an adorable crime-fighting strategy! Here in New York, we just shoot people. Check out the non-lethal bike in a video here …”

The bike forms part of Operation Crime Cycle aimed at reducing acquisitive crime in the area, and raising awareness, particularly amongst young people and this is the first time that this technology has been deployed across the Midlands area of the UK – crime prevention tips are broadcast onto phones and a video is presented on the two 45 inch DigiBike screens.

Detective Sergeant Mark Rushton is heading the operation told us “Since April we’ve seen a slight rise in the number of robbery offences in the area, we have launched this operation to tackle offenders, whilst trying to educate those at risk of becoming a victim”.

He added “The DigiBikes are displaying captivating messages, with advice on keeping themselves safe says Sergeant Rushton, he adds these bikes are a great way to communicate and engage with people.”

Ian Taylor, managing director of Media Displays said “this is a brilliant example of how DigiBikes can reach specific people, any reduction in robbery will reduce Policing costs, and it also gives a clear statement to the minority (offenders) that the Police are actively cracking down.”

He added “DigiBikes really stand out in a crowded a media marketplace. We are proud to support the Police on such a vital public campaign.”

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  1. John Nettles Says:

    I had my push bike stolen in Dudley! Im sure if you left this unattended in Dudley for a few days and went back it would still be where you left it.

    Perhaps its best sold back to the grand Piano maker who supplied the body work or better still chuck it in the Grand Union Canal and see if it floats!

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