San Francisco Mayor-“Gimme Bus Shelters”

Dylan Jones, Jones Digital Media

We’ve learned that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has tasked Clear Channel Outdoor to install some pretty advanced digital out-of-home technology in bus shelters in the city – the first of which is scheduled to be active October 18 this year.

The shelters will feature a fully interactive screen where those waiting for Muni can touch the screen, enter an ecommerce web site, select a product, slide their credit card for payment, and have their purchase delivered to their door – all this before they even step on the bus.

One big caveat – the screen has to be bullet-proof. (Apparently SF has a history of people taking pot shots at bus shelters, which may tell you something about the quality of public transport here.)

We’ll be following this story with interest, especially as the president of Clear Channel Outdoor, Todd Hansen, at the Display Search conference yesterday practically begged any manufacturers in the audience to help him. Eight weeks to go – seems to me he’ll need all the help he can muster from our industry experts!

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