Broadsign Move Offices

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Word in this week is that those remaining Broadsign employees are not happy campers having had to move recently to less salubrious office space.

Whether or not unpaid rent on the posh Petters era office was the cause (some wags will tell us anything) Broadsign seem unable to shake this hand to mouth financial straitjacket that they always (whether it’s true or not ) appear to be in.
We love their platform and they have consistently been number three in our #DStop10 but surely one day soon there’s going to come an end of month when the numbers don’t add up and there won’t be anyone left to bail them out.

The industry needs consolidation and the best thing that could happen to Broadsign is that they are acquired before they truly go under. If the rumoured deal with JCDecaux is real then you have to wonder how they will execute it at this rate.

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