Minicom DS Launches DS Vision Digital

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Minicom Digital Signage, Dübendorf, Swizerland, manufacturer of advanced multimedia platforms and media distribution solutions for the Digital Signage industry, has launched DS Vision Digital, its new solution platform which allows advanced media distribution, as well as network-based control and monitoring capabilities of multiple remote.

DS Vision Digital is a powerful solution that distributes real-time digital non-compressed full HD content to multiple terminals and enables remote management with Proof-of-Performance technology.

Ronni Guggenheim, Minicom Digital Signage’s CEO, says, “The digital signage market is rapidly moving with the deployment of millions of high-definition digital displays. Today, operators rely on high performance distribution systems. Integrators need a solution that offers remote management capabilities to give the level of transparency needed to establish reliable system performance, and to provide automated proof that content is actually shown. This has a direct impact on the bottom line ROI of the DOOH networks. In order to meet the digital signage market’s requirements, Minicom Digital Signage is launching a solution that does it all: DS Vision Digital.”

With full HD media resolution and scalable media extension (up to 600m/2000ft.), DS Vision Digital provides maximum content fidelity by distributing real time non-compressed (i.e. lossless) digital media from the server room to the display without compromising on optimized quality.

DS Vision Digital enables remote display management, available through the Screengate Management Gateway, which provides reliable remote monitoring and control of display assets of any digital signage network. This solution features a unique Media Feedback Mechanism (MFM) – including the patented Proof of Performance proprietary technology – so advertisers can evaluate the value of their network and operators can improve visibility and reduce system downtime while lowering operational costs and increasing return on investment.

Innovative, comprehensive, powerful and flexible, DS Vision Digital can be deployed in a host of diverse environments including retail, transportation, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and education.

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