Two Partnerships For RMG Point-Of-Care Network

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

San Francisco-based Reach Media Group has made exclusive advertising sales partnerships with both Cardinal Health’s Pharmacy Health Network, based in Dallas, Texas, and MediVista Media’s Atlanta, Georgia-based Everwell, with networks in physicians’ waiting rooms.

With these companies on board, RMG clams to be the only digital out-of-home company that delivers active deep-pocketed Baby Boomer audiences to advertisers at moments of maximum influence along the path to care, in both pharmacy locations and doctors’ office waiting rooms.

Following on its recent acquisition of Pharmacy TV Network, RMG management says that its newly re-branded Point-of-Care Network leverages 1,700 screens to engage 6 million monthly viewers.

“We continue to believe in the pharmacy environment and this important new relationship with Cardinal Health allows RMG to deliver that same quality advertising impression on a much larger scale,” says Garry McGuire, CEO of RMG.

With Pharmacy Health Network on board, RMG adds 650 screens and 4.5 million monthly viewers in pharmacy locations nationwide. RMG will lead national advertising sales for Pharmacy Health Network, while the network will continue to present the same premium branded health and wellness content.

“RMG’s deep relationships with advertisers across a variety of industries make it a great resource to help Pharmacy Health Network expand its current advertising partnerships,” says Jeff Foreman, vice-president of strategic and branding purchasing for Cardinal Health. “The Pharmacy Health Network provides advertisers with a compelling way to engage consumers with multi-media content while they wait for prescriptions to be filled at the pharmacy, and we look forward to the role RMG will play in working with our team to deliver those consumers the special promotions and coupons that will keep them engaged and help influence buying behaviors.”

Respario Digital Advertising Group, Dallas, continues to manage the operational aspects of Pharmacy Health Network including rollout, network operations and support.

And with RMG’s new exclusive advertising sales partnership with Everwell, a TV Network, reaching consumers in physician waiting rooms, RMG Point-of-Care Network’s footprint expands to a total of 1,700 screens and 6 million monthly viewers. RMG will exclusively represent Everwell for national advertising sales.

Everwell’s impressive library of custom content for doctors’ office waiting rooms will continue to air on its Everwell TV Network.

“Connecting with active consumers inside their doctors’ offices will enable marketers to activate this lucrative customer segment at moments of maximum influence,” says McGuire. “No other digital out-of-home media company empowers marketers to walk a customer down the path to care while providing meaningful scale.”

“Engaging consumers at different steps on the path to care will empower them to make better informed choices that can lead to improved health,” says Robert Davis, president, Everwell.

RMG’s Point-of-Care Network is flexible, geo-targetable and IP-addressable. It also enables advertisers to further engage their audiences via mobile interactivity and online loyalty programs.

This expansion strengthens RMG’s media inventory position in the healthcare segment and builds on the company’s mission to deliver valuable active consumers to advertisers through place-based video advertising.

RMG was recently named to AdWeek Media’s 2010 OOH Hot List. Company management says that its In-Flight Entertainment, Fitness Entertainment, Point-of-Care, mtvU and Today networks together engage 45 million viewers every month, leveraging over 125,000 video screens nationwide.

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  1. anon Says:

    Really Mediocre Grab-All strikes again. First hand experience with Respario. Am not surprised that even a Cardinal Health Alliance could not help them go it alone on ad sales. Independents and small chain drug are a dying breed. And 45 million viewers (non-audited) across a disparate group of junk is not a leveragable advertising prop. But it is certainly a great story for an big investor pitch ;>).

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