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OOH And DOOH Mapping In Canada

The Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada [1] has released an update to its dynamic web mapping system that allows users to create printable, customized OOH and DOOH market coverage maps.

The mapping tool has been updated with the current inventory of all OMAC member company products and networks and reflects the Canadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau [2]‘s April 2010 Market Data Report. Maps can be produced for Astral Out-of-Home [3], CBS Outdoor [4], Lamar Transit [5], Metromedia Plus [6], NEWAD [7], Outdoor Broadcast Network [8], Pattison Outdoor [9], Titan 360 [10] and Zoom Media [11].

Dynamic maps are currently available for Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal markets and can be accessed at: http://www.omaccanada.ca/skins/omac/custompages/OmacInteractiveMaps/OmacEnglish.html [12]

“The mapping tool is easy to use and allows planners to select the operators and the OOH formats they wish to display on a single map,”
said Rosanne Caron, President; OMAC. “Users can also customize the display area of the map to reflect the area of interest.”