Susan Danaher DPAA

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Susan Danaher is to become the new president of the Draught Proofing Advisory Association. It’s not officially announced yet (of course) but you heard it hear first.

Susan has in the past been President at Reactrix and a board member of OVAB / DPAA. Expect an official announcement the second week of September.

2 Responses to “Susan Danaher DPAA”

  1. withheld Says:

    This woman has as much experience in DOOH as my 12 year old. She was hired with little vetting after being fired by Viacom because other potential candidates realized the platform was not scaleable, and because her daughter thought it was cool, she had mixed results while there, she blindly ran Reactrix into the ground after burning thru Menlo partners 40M infusion of cash in Dec 06, hired her cronies who also knew nothing about DOOH (AND COLLECTIVELY SOLD NOTHING during her tenure) and collected a extraordinarily high salary while doing so. she needs a job, it could have just as easily have been to manage a burger king.
    Very poor choice.

  2. DPAA=Dog Poo Assoc. America Says:

    Seriously, come on already — LOOK at Google search stats, way more people refer to this as Digital out of Home – aka DOOH

    NOT Digital Place Based. “Place based” ??? it doesn’t even roll off the tongue clean.

    This org will fail as will Susan (again)

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