SeeSaw Engages Moms And Families

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

SeeSaw Networks today introduced an interesting end-to-end solution that provides marketers an effective way to reach and activate moms and families. This new offering includes exclusive ad inventory at venues frequented by moms and families; new creative vehicles that deliver contextually relevant messages to engage this audience; and a packaged end-to-end solution to optimally plan, execute and measure the efficacy of digital place-based advertising to this sought after demographic.

Monte Zweben, Founder and Chairman of the Board, SeeSaw Networks told us “SeeSaw is widely known as the Life Pattern company” i.e. intercepting audiences as they work, play and socialize with relevant advertising. He continued “SeeSaw is exclusively delivering new creative vehicles that engage and activate Moms and Families”.

Boosted by recent strategic relationships with PlayNetwork, which provides exclusive access to venues such as Steve Madden, Ashley Furniture, The Little Gym, JW Tumbles and Kidville, SeeSaw’s Moms and Families Life Pattern Network offers over 18,000 digital place-based media venues with aggregate weekly traffic of more than 116 million (the network actually combines over 40 individual networks, delivering over 50 million impressions per week including the likes of Cabco TV Kart TM Network).

Lon Troxel, Chairman and CEO of PlayNetwork told us “We have already seen the value of partnering with SeeSaw. Our retailers are excited to participate in new innovative advertising campaigns that engage their customers when they are out and about -shopping, eating or socializing.”

SeeSaw Networks’ new creative vehicles include:

  • Messages synchronized with venue to maximize contextual relevance.
  • Bluetooth triggered ads in grocery stores, synchronizing promotional messages with in-store location.
  • Branded content and programming on select networks
  • Social media extension enabling customers to fan, follow or respond to brand promotions on popular social media platforms via mobile devices.
  • Full ‘venue integration’ at certain locations with experiential media including sampling and activity integration.

The SeeSaw solution also utilizes, SeeSaw Network’s demand side platform for optimizing campaigns with precision targeting. allows SeeSaw media specialists to precisely target geographies, networks, and demographics.

SeeSaw’s end-to-end solution also integrates research from Edison Research, a leading provider of consumer research with over 10,000 experienced interviewers, to assess overall campaign effectiveness, including brand / ad awareness, attitude shifts, and changes in purchase intent.

SeeSaw has partnered with Edison Research to evaluate the effectiveness of several campaigns, across 6 different industry vertical markets, at more than 20 different types of venues. An example of the integrated offering can be seen in SeeSaw’s previous announcement of campaign effectiveness research conducted by Edison Research following a place-based advertising campaign by SeeSaw with Delta Airlines.

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