More Spar Contracts In UK

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Amscreen’s new Neighbourhood Network is initially comprised of Spar stores (at least in Scotland) but rumour is that they (Amscreen) have not been so lucky south of the border as word reaches us that Tates, one of the largest Spar franchisees is choosing to go it alone with their own solution rather than outsource the whole network to a third party.

If this is true then it’s probable that RMI (nee abc media) and Amscreen would have both lost out. Perhaps Tates value their own real estate too much, preferring to run their own network for the time being and then look at the possibility of revenue generation from third party sometime in the future?

Tates have almost 200 stores so with a likely couple of players per site this is a 400 – 500 license deal for some lucky software vendor. Our best guess is signagelive as it’s the sort of retail / convenience store win that they would usually do well with but there is no official word from any of the parties mentioned in this post.

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