McDonald’s Outdoor Totems


Somewhere in Europe McDonald’s are looking at outdoor totems …

In the video above (a nice industrial espionage shot I am sure you will agree) you can see the three vendors vying for the business.

These we believe are Infinitus (running Scala), Samsung and Merim (which is using a Navori solution).

Back in March, many readers scoffed (publicly – read the comments) when we wrote “Infinitus makes large-sized LCD based outdoor digital signage display solutions and is the first provider to offer Scala-enabled, all-weather, outside Full HD LCD screens” but looks like that was a damn sensible move on part of Scala now doesn’t it?

Infinitus / Scala we believe are in line to win this business.

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  1. Eero Rask Says:

    The Merim solution is actually a IconOne product made by Symbicon. Who we believe are in line to win the business.

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