#ibc2010 – Cycling Home From Amsterdam

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A team from Gearhouse Broadcast will be cycling back to the UK after #ibc2010 to raise money for Kings College Hospital and the Surrey Air Ambulance. Bicycles are of course an unremarkable sight in Amsterdam but while most #ibc2010 delegates will be making their way home via plane and train, eight very special bicycle riders will be starting a considerably longer journey.

John Newton and a team of seven colleagues from Gearhouse Broadcast will be cycling back to their base in Watford to raise money for two causes that are close to John’s heart – the Surrey Air Ambulance and Kings College Hospital.

Earlier this year, John’s daughter Alexandra was involved in a horrific traffic accident that left her critically injured. Having suffered multiple injuries, including acute brain trauma, Alex was airlifted to Kings College by the Surrey Air Ambulance. John says “Alex remained critical in a coma for 3 weeks, but under the care of the Kings College Hospital’s dedicated clinical staff, Alex has made a remarkable recovery and has recently been discharged home”.

He continued “The Surrey Air Ambulance and Kings College Hospital played a pivotal role in Alex’s survival, my family and I will be forever grateful.”

Like so many others, Alex owes her life to the skill and dedication of these extraordinary people and the charities that help fund them. John and the team from Gearhouse Broadcast are asking friends, colleagues and well-wishers from the TV and Broadcast industry for their help in supporting these charities, so they can help others in the same way they helped Alex.

The team will begin its epic journey on the last day of IBC, Tuesday September 14th, aiming to arrive back at Gearhouse Broadcast’s headquarters in Watford late on Wednesday 15th.

Donations can be made direct via www.justgiving.com/alex-surreyairambulance for Surrey Air Ambulance or www.justgiving.com/alex-kingscollegehospital for Kings College Hospital.

Alternatively, you can send a cheque to Natasha Hyde @ Gearhouse Broadcast Ltd, Unit 12, Imperial Park, Imperial Way, Watford, Herts WD24 4PP.

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