Amscreen And BMI Healthcare Agree Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Amscreen today announced an exclusive deal with UK private hospital group BMI Healthcare to provide millions of patients with the most up-to-date weather information across the Amscreen Healthcare network.

The exclusive sponsorship deal will enable BMI to reach almost 3 million patients a month via the UK’s leading weather forecasting service Netweather, whose live weather feed is regionally updated in real time to inform patients of what weather conditions to expect when they step outside. In addition, it provides a prominent platform to inform patients of the many benefits of using BMI Healthcare for a wide variety of healthcare needs.

Nigel Moon, Head of Marketing at BMI Healthcare told us “This advertising and sponsorship package provides us with a great opportunity to feature BMI Healthcare, our local hospitals and services to a highly targeted audience at a key time in the patient journey.”

BMI Healthcare joins other leading brands such as Unilever, GSK and Pfizer along with the Government’s COI that advertise products and services such as Vaseline, Serious Quitters and Surestart Campaigns to the captive audiences in GP surgeries across the healthcare network.

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