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What On Earth Is Shopper Marketing?

Joel Hopwood, ex-Retail Media Client Director from Dunnhumby, fresh from leaving the Tesco Screen fold has just launched a new venture – a new retail media agency.

Their website went live late on Friday [1] and their PR will be starting this week – as usual we are the first to hear of it.

They may well be the first agency in the UK to specialise in planning, buying and optimising Retail Media across all retailers – independent of any retailer or media owner!!

They aim to buy from the likes of dunnhumby, JCDecaux, Sainsbury, Asda Media Centre etc in order to give clients a single, independent and authoritative buying and planning point for the whole sector.

Retail Media is not identical with DOOH but clearly there’s a big crossover and we hope to cover what they get up to in the next 12 months. Their press release is below…

The launch of Capture, a Shopper Marketing Agency

What on earth is shopper marketing (and why does it matter)?

Ask marketers today and you’ll generally get a range of answers – “it’s about shoppers rather than consumers”, “it’s promotions like BOGOFs”, “it’s co-marketing with retailers.” Capture think it’s all of these and none of these.

We don’t believe that today’s consumer thinks very deeply about the majority of fast-moving goods categories. After finishing work, picking up the kids, worrying about the mortgage, when does she actually think about – say, which window polish she uses?

It’s most likely the few minutes or even seconds when she’s in the shop on her way home. Here she’s interested, here she’s reading and looking at packaging. Here she’s making a decision.

This is the moment when you need to Capture your shoppers – this is where receptivity is at a peak: this is your chance.

Are you talking to shoppers where it counts?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could communicate with shoppers right at the time and place when they are making those purchase decisions? Well, you can, using over 20 different channels from sampling, posters and trolley advertising to discounts targeted on actual purchase behaviour. These media are highly accountable and are proven to generate real sales uplift.

What’s Capture all about then?

Capture’s guiding principle is “Turn insight into influence”. It is the first agency in the UK with the capability and expertise to plan, buy, manage and optimise Retail Media campaigns, nationally.

There is a vast difference in the maturity of the media offerings that exist from retailers today. Capture has unrivalled experience of Retail Media, the knowledge of what really works and is independent from any retailer or media owner.

Capture has been created by two entrepreneurs, Chris Gale, formerly Brand Manager at P&G, and Joel Hopwood, Retail Media Client Director from Dunnhumby. Chris has managed world-famous brands such as Fairy and Pampers, while Joel has spent six years helping Tesco build a world-class portfolio of Retail Media.

They believe FMCGs need help to turn their shopper insight into real brand growth, and that the ability to plan, buy, manage and optimise retail media is missing from the established agencies that exist today.

Enquiries should be addressed to hello@capturemarketing.co.uk or 020 8810 0202. More information is available from http://www.capturemarketing.co.uk/ [2]