Arthur Guinness

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

SA digiadvans have been nominated by Guinness to celebrate the famous Arthur’s day celebration in Dublin next Wednesday 23rd September.

Guinness 2009

SA digiadvans will be used up to a week before the big day during the marketing campaign to highlight the day which is turning into something of a public holiday in Dublin.

During the campaign the general public are encouraged to mark the anniversary of the famous Guinness drink by taking a sample or two in the many pubs dotted around Dublin city centre. The digiadvans will also be streaming live footage from inside pubs as punters toast Arthur’s day at 17.59 to mark the year it was created.

2 Responses to “Arthur Guinness”

  1. Fergus Says:

    Is Mark Leo of dimedis and formerly of Net Display Systems involved?
    There will be no Guinness left if he and Philippe Bonnargent travel over for the sampling. This duo, Irish and French are well known for their competence in emptying Dublin bars.

  2. Mark Leo Says:

    Cheeky and untrue on 3 counts. Much as it would be a pleasure to fly home and attend the celebrations in the excellent named company, I will not be in Dublin on the 23rd. Secondly dimedis are not involved. Thirdly I and think I speak for we, never, ever emptied a Dublin bar or any other Irish bar be it in Galway, Paris, Milan, Joburg…………. Whoever you are please return to your barstool and await the operation to remove the pint glass from your hand.

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