EuroDisney Studio Tram Tour

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There was not as much digital signage at EuroDisney as I expected, in fact apart from the Studio Tram Tour shown above and sponsored by ORANGE there was hardly any to speak of.

Perhaps this is testament to the fact that EuroDisney is celebrating its 15 year anniversary this year (15 years old and relatively little brand new investment as far as we could see).

With average queuing times of 45 – 60 minute some form of digital signage would have been welcome by visitors I am sure.

Still the signage content on the tram tour was neatly done – two presenters, a famous French lady (don’t know her name) and Jeremy Irons (great English actor) did a nice job speaking French and English respectively and interacting with everything going on around the tour, the set etc.

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