Melt Yourself With Pearl And Perrier

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

PEARL MEDIA a specialist in converting vacant retail storefronts into innovative advertising opportunities, has executed the first ever MELTING storefront in New York & Los Angeles.

Pearl Media has brought Perrier’s ‘Melting’ advertising campaign to life on the street using a combination of Perrier’s unique print and television adverts and technology provided by EyeClick Ltd, to create a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that allows consumers to actually melt themselves and share with friends.

and that allows consumers to actually melt themselves and share with friends.

As pedestrians pass the large-scale street level executions, their body temperature melts elements in the creative on the screen in the windows.  Pedestrians are prompted to take their own melted photo by touching a glowing interactive Perrier bottle.

Once their photo has been ‘melted’, the pedestrian can enter their phone number to have it sent to their mobile phone to share with friends.

Our good friend Josh Cohen, President of Pearl Media told us “This program is so unique in the way that it allows pedestrians to distort reality through their movement and gestures.  Combining the sleek and sexy creative of Perrier with our groundbreaking technologies makes this one of the truly unique brand experiences in the out of home market.”

To allow consumers to really touch the brand, Perrier brand ambassadors will be handing out ice cold bottles of Perrier to pedestrians on select days in the vicinity of the storefront.  This element is also managed and executed by Pearl Media (they have recently incorporated a fully functional promotions arm to their arsenal of capabilities).

Perrier interactive storefronts are currently melting in Soho, New York and West Hollywood, Los Angeles – located actually acrossfrom the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. All executions will run through the end of September.  Pearl Media worked with Zenith Optimedia on the buying and planning and Ogilvy & Mather designed the creative.

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