Versace? No, It’s MicroTiles, Dahling!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As a shape, it’s pretty much a boring rectangle but we think it’s a boring rectangle used in a unique aspect ratio that’s well suited to the purpose.

3 tiles wide by 10 tiles high

For New York’s 2010 Fashion Week Versace filled both of their Fifth Avenue storefront windows with 10’ tall by 4’ wide displays made up of Christie Digital MicroTiles which acted as the backdrop for live models wearing this season’s hottest looks.

The whole thing was put together by innovative design-build AV integrator. McCann Systems.

Versace, we are told, approached McCann Systems, looking for a flat screen rental for New York’s Fashion Week, however knowing the excitement and the vibe that Fashion Week attracts, McCann Systems’ AV experts suggested using MicroTiles in place of ordinary flat panels.

McCann believed (and of course they were right) that this display technology would make a much greater visual impact, offering both superior image quality and a much wider color palette.

There was a custom 30-screen tower in a _3X10_3T_3T_3T_3T_3T_3T_3T_3T_3T_3T_ configuration (that’s three tiles wide by ten tiles high for the uninitiated), in each of Versace’s Fifth Avenue storefront windows.

On Friday, September 10th, the actual ‘Fashion’s Night Out’, Versace staged live models in their storefront windows while video – a Versace runway show – splashed across the MicroTiles (video) backdrop.

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  1. Emilio Says:

    Good Evening Adrian,

    What the advantages of Microtiles are in comparision with seamless HD videowalls, in your oppinion? Have you got a rough idea of m2 price of Microtiles vs. seamless HD videowalls? Many thanks!

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