A Drop In The Ocean

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ocean Outdoor’s Live Creative Competition seems to be getting a lot of traction – especially in this very last week before entries close (Monday 27th September 9am is the entry deadline).

Word reaches us that industry heavyweights Grand Visual and Amigo Digital are both lined up to go head to head in a number of the categories, which are of course…

  1. Full motion

    Go wild – animate as much as you want – but remember, full motion is limited to just one site:

  2. Layering

    Build your creative through a series of layers (every 2.5 seconds) updating to create the full picture.

  3. Subtle Motion

    …this could be colour or lighting, all adding to the atmosphere of the creative.

  4. Creative Use

    Demonstrate how DOOH can be used beyond the norm. Day part, split copy, live updates or using the imposing architecture of the structures.

  5. Interactivity

    How can the depth of communication be amplified through the latest interactive technologies?

Sports brands, a major airline (and we mean major airline) and a music promoter have also indicated interest.

I don’t think we see day parting used as much as it could be on digital and so as one of the judges I am hoping to see that rectified (with clever, appropriate use of course). I’m also looking for some topicality in the creative – for example in the UK the results of the Labour Party Elections will be known and it’s also UEFA Champions League time again – (in London specifically) Chelsea are at home to Marseille on the Tuesday and Tottenham are at home to FC Twente on the Wednesday.

Craig Morgan, managing partner at Elvis and one of my fellow judges said a few weeks back “For a creative to see his work immediately in the media environment will really enhance the creative possibilities. I’m sure that it will lead to some exceptional work.”

Thus challenged I am really looking forward to see what the best creative agencies can come up with having been given pretty much free reign in what they can do!

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