Cartman Says “Screw You”

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

News reached us late Friday that the following lucky companies have, we believe, just been added to the Minkus lawsuit…

  • 3M Company
  • 3M Digital Signage
  • Activision TV, Inc.
  • CS Software Holdings, LLC
  • ENQII Holdings Inc.
  • ENQII (US) Inc.
  • Nanonation Inc.
  • Remote Media Group
  • Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
  • Ryarc Media Systems
  • Tek Panel, Inc.
  • Zoom Media Inc.
  • Zoom Media Corp

These are in addition to the original defendants listed previously.

The addition of those companies says one of two things to us: –

  1. They got a settlement out of the first few companies that already were dropped from the case (we believe that Helius is for example no longer in dispute) and are now more confident about suing others.
  2. -or-

  3. Everyone is telling them they don’t infringe and insisting that it’s a nuisance suit, so they are trying their hand with a new batch of companies who may respond differently.

What’s strange is that we do not know of anyone who has actually been ‘served’ despite their attorneys attempting to communicate – you know, like somebody knocking on the door and handing them a letter? If anyone knows different let us know or preferably speak to Mr Stephen Nesbit.

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  1. Anon Says:

    They have 120 days to serve from the date of filing !

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