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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Sunday, July 1, 2007 19:52

During June 2007 we saw two of the largest screen networks in the UK (Baby TV and The Life Channel) bring their media sales in-house, however in my opinion (and not necessarily the opinion of The Screen), I am not sure if this is a short term or a long term move because I firmly believe that the trend across Europe is to outsource many of the components of digital out of home to specialists…

Not just Media Sales, for example: –

– the CMS and Software to the likes of (worldwide suppliers) such as Scala, Digital View Media, YCD, 3M, Broadsign or Cisco

– the infrastructure to the likes of Arqiva, Hughes, KPN or Cisco partners like BT, SCC, Novabase, Dimension Data etc.

I believe that traditional OOH specialists will enter the digital screen market place in force and / or engage more fully where in the past they may have paid ‘lip service’ to the sector.

Thus, Redbus Outdoor has now taken over the media sales for Sainsbury’s Home Entertainment network and Publicis Blueprint, whilst they have always been engaged with Toni&Guy.TV, now seem to be taking this new medium much more seriously.

Dunnhumby of course took over the running of TescoTV in late 2006 and whilst not a traditional media sales outfit are using their CRM, club card and loyalty scheme knowledge to great effect and are starting to really create revenue and benefit for the network.

In the last two weeks I have been asked by three networks for recommendations on who could look after their media sales.

The first thing I do is point networks at our DOOHAN directory and for those of you who doubt the importance of a country specific Media Sales directory, let me quote James Davies, Board Director – Hyperspace (Posterscope Ltd.) who says…

“the digital out-of-home media industry is an extremely fast-changing
one and anything that helps keep planners and buyers up to date is
always useful. The directory (DOOHAN) is a welcome complement to our internal planning tools and systems”

The FOR MEDIA PLANNERS AND BUYERS section in DOOHAN describes the media sales businesses that have kindly supplied details (reproduced below) and of course also has an indexed table to who supplies what to whom.

At the top of this table by a long way are ‘abc media’ who have done a great job over the last few years in getting into digital and winning a lot of the core UK business – especially in retail and grocery. The DOOHAN table lists all of the others and is a good source for at least finding out who you should be speaking to about bids and tenders.

Very soon this year, across Europe I expect to see a number of non digital media sales businesses merge or snap-up smaller digital screen networks in order to enter the digital OOH business. Watch this space!!!

Reproduced from the June 2007 UK Media Sales Directory (DOOHAN)


Here is a concise summary of many of the companies offering independent media sales in the digital out of home sector.

It is listed in alphabetical order

abc media

abc media is a retail media communications specialist. They provide advertisers with access to millions of consumers via digital networks and traditional POS solutions at retail outlets.

abc media works with a growing number of leading national retailers to deliver over 115m shopping trips a week (14m unique footfall) in over 22,000 locations. In addition to advertising sales, they offer content delivery, project management and campaign analysis.

Brightspace Media

Screen specialist in the destination leisure and entertainment sector. Brightspace Media represent a portfolio of more than 600 of the busiest bars and clubs on the high street, with over 3,000 screens, reaching in excess of 2 million people per week.

Recent advertisers within the mobile, fashion and drink categories are using the network to target a national audience of 18-30 year olds, as well as more specific campaigns to reach students, up market customers in top end style bars and by individual bar chains.

Cedar Communications

Cedar Communications is a customer publishing and media sales agency. They produce digital and print communications for leading companies in the travel, retail, finance and luxury sectors, including BA, Tesco, Thomson, HBOS and Nikon.

Cedar’s screen portfolio covers onboard entertainment systems for BA, Thomson Fly and Heathrow Express, giving access to more than 30 million travellers every year.

Screen options include spot-advertising, content sponsorship and branded-programming, all of which can be supported by onboard print and ambient media.

FST Communications

FST Communications is a full service editorial marketing agency that provides content and marketing technology solutions for clients across all mediums.


Mediavista is an independent communications consultancy for the
Digital Out of Home market. They have over six year’s expertise in delivering effective screen communications in shopping malls, in-store, retail, health and leisure environments and offer a complete service to clients (development of a media strategy and financial media model to demonstrate ROI,, content planning, budgeting, creation and scheduling, advice on locations and technologies to maximize impact and sourcing the right specialist partners)

Angela Coleman and Shreya Hyde Smith, previously at PopTV and ScreenFX can be reached at Tel: 0207 100 1942 or 0207 100 1941 and/or

YH Consultancy

YH Consultancy are a new media consultancy offering cross media solutions and advice to landlords, clients, retailers, media owners and agencies. Services include full project management and commercial assessment of traditional and new media platforms advising clients how to best exploit in-house media assets and customer databases covering all traditional and new media capabilities.

Yan Huybrechts previously at PH4 can be contacted on Tel 0208 333 0780 or Mobile 07957 888974

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