Mood Media Spain Does Multisense DIY

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Mood Media may have installed 11 plasma screens, 4 scent diffusers and 1 music player in this Leroy Merlin DIY store in Rivas Vaciamadrid in Spain to claim a European ‘multisensorial solutions first” BUT it’s no where near as good an implementation as for example, the SFR store we visited in Paris – you will remember we wrote “Is This The Best Flagship Store Ever?

Much is made of the fact that “At the very moment that the client enters the shop, the sensorial experience commences with the gentle smell of Lotus Flower”

The atmosphere of the Bathroom Fittings Department is enriched with … WAIT FOR IT….

… an ‘outdoorsy’ Fresh Marine aroma!!!

Could be worse we suppose?

Actually all of that sounds quite good but we hate the positioning and thought behind the screens. Just look at the screen in the picture above – an oversized, black consumer plasma TV stuck on a wall.

The effort we put in to bring you news and opinion doesn’t work unless you take notice!!

Mood Media – who we heavily criticised earlier in the year for not typically ‘getting’ screens (they ‘get’ music of course), did so well in Paris and we thought were moving in the right direction, come unstuck here with some pretty basic errors.

Let’s go back to Bill Collins’ excellent article on Gen 2.0 digital media networks and list his rules…

  1. Bring screens down to eye level
  2. Build screens into endcaps, fixtures and shelving
  3. Abandon the 2001-2002 “hang and bang” model where flat screens are hung nilly-willy around the store, mostly in locations that are difficult for shoppers to see
  4. Control audio so that the soundtrack of these networks is welcomed by shoppers and store employees alike
  5. Pack merchandise around the screens and speakers, so that the sound-and-motion media serves a useful purpose for both marketing and merchandising just as conventional Point-of-Purchase displays do

Mood Media were keen to point out that shopping experience in the store keeps time to the music of the Leroy Merlin music channel – basically a combination of several channels broadcast across 3 zones: a general zone, including “Lounge”, “Sophisticated”, “Spanish Spirit”; the Bathroom Fittings zone, composed by water sounds; and the Gardening area, which is brightened up with sounds from nature.

We would give the install 7/10 but as a European first it could have been so much more if only those screens had been thought about!!

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  1. Media Man Says:

    Audio companies should stick to audio and partner with a good DOOH company to grow their mutual businesses. I am sure it won’t be long for a good DOOH company to announce that they are taking audio seriously and taking on the likes of Mood Media, TSG and Imagesound, and picking off their poorly looked after clients.

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