Hyundai IT At Total Media 2010

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Hochheim, Germany-base Hyundai IT will be showing a whole gamut of products at its booth no. 5 at the Total Media 2010 in Madrid Oct. 6-7.

A run down on its products being displayed include: the next generation of outdoor displays in a new design; a transflective panel and an anti-graffiti protection – we saw that at #dse2010 in Las Vegas earlier this year, Ed. – ultra narrow bezel displays for video walls, sunlight-ready transflective displays, a stereoscopic 3D video wall; and for the first time in Europe at a show we believe the ADCALATOR, which has featured on these pages a few times before.

The ADCALATOR is of course a digital signage solution that also cares for health and safety related needs – installed at the entrance of escalators or moving walkways, it offers digital signage operations on a highly frequented installation site.

In addition, the ADCALTOR is equipped with an UV sterilization system in order to keep the handrails of escalators or moving walkways clean. And it draws the passenger’s attention by displaying security advice on the screens. Due to a smart mounting system and the capability of being connected to a wireless LAN, it can be easily installed to existing escalators and moving walkways.

The new designed H466AT, a 46″ outdoor display, is fitted with a transflective LCD panel that’s able to use sunlight to increase the display’s brightness. In combination with the regular backlight the sunlight reflector makes it possible to reach ultrabrightness. The anti-graffiti-protection is a special coating on the display that allows an easy removal of colours without any damage of the display’s surface. The integrated auto-brightness sensor measures continuously the ambient light and adjusts the panel’s brightness according to the ambient lightning conditions. As a result, the power consumption will be reduced while the panel’s lifetime will be increased.

Coming with an ultra narrow bezel design, the new 46″ indoor display D462FL is dedicated to build video walls. A bezel size of only 7.4 mm (two displays installed side-by-side) combined with the cutting edge function – which allows displaying the full picture content – means that the smart design of the D462FL ensures a maximum seamless screen area with a minimum of viewable interruptions. The built-in video wall function allows the installation of multi screen configurations including up to 5 by 5 single units (with amplifier even 9 by 9). No additional expensive equipment, like video split processors, is necessary.

In addition to conventional 2D operations Hyundai IT’s stereoscopic 3D displays make it possible to watch 3D images with a three-dimensional effect. For example 3D models created with CAD software can be displayed with a presentation close to reality. The conversion of the contents to 3D format is done by a built-in formatter which enables the real-time conversion from 2D contents into 3D contents. A 3D software package (PC use) as well as polarized 3D glasses are included in delivery. Due to the slim bezel design, it’s also possible to run those displays in a video wall configuration.

Beside these highlights Hyundai IT will present standard public displays (from 19″ to 82″), sunlight-ready displays (transflective, optical bonding), wide view displays (stretched format), stand-alone kiosk systems and touch screen solutions.

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  1. Dmitry Sokolov Says:

    Announcements like that make it so apparent the EVERYTHING in the display world comes out of the same magic factory….

    Why would Samsung, NEC and Hyundai all make a 46″ display with this weird, a-symmetrical bezel combining to make a 7.4 mm total bezel?

    Why would 2 companies decide to manufacture an almost identical escalator attachment?

    Anti-graffiti coating sounds surprisingly like the Samsung 460DRN-a also…

    Then we all complain about consumer loyalty…

    It’s like buying a a Ford and getting a re-skinned Fiat… Wait a minute… that’s already happening too..

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