Darren And Dave And Harris Too

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Back in July this year and November 2009 we wrote ‘Has The 7-Eleven Inc. Rollout Got Funding?‘ about the proposed 7-Eleven rollout and perhaps unusually for us (actually) discounting rumours that NEC and RMG were involved with the men from DDN on the funding side.

The latest rumour however is that the rollout has got funding and that Harris are involved somehow – remember that DDN went cap in hand to almost everyone in the industry asking for money and if true it is indeed perhaps a bizarre place to have ended up. We really thought that Harris had more sense but thinking about it and having met some certain people from Harris in Amsterdam recently the rumour we think has legs.

Expect an announcement from either side shortly.

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  1. Dooh Dude Says:

    Not entirely uncommon. I’ve seen Harris offer funding for ad based networks but the money is expensive. Given the alternative, i.e. no money, DDN may have no alternative. They’ve been dickering around with 711 for almost 2 years now. I’d also heard a no brand display mfg. was going to pony up, but I suppose that may have dried up as well. Who’s going to make money on this one? The key question for any of these large deals.

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