EnQii Hi-Def Media Walls At Fred Meyer

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last week we told you there were a number of EnQii announcements coming this month and no sooner did we say that than yesterday we had this one about an installation in Fred Meyer stores in the US. Tomorrow we have heard that there will probably be another US rollout announcement (watch this space).

Anyway here we see EnQii’s solution driving a high-definition digital signal across the retailer’s LCD and plasma TV media wall – this has been done before of course (those in the UK will remember Currys / Dixons video wall driven by video cassettes and DVDs) but this is all on-line and allows the content to be controlled and updated remotely.

Talking of content, this is being provided and managed by Retail Entertainment Design (RED) and consists of a library of music videos, movie and game trailers, HD travel and sports montages designed to engage the active shopper whilst at the same time reinforcing the Fred Meyer brand messaging and merchandising strategies.

Brian Hirsh, President of Retail Entertainment Design told us “RED was challenged by Fred Meyer to migrate their current video program to a HD compatible platform that could enable regional and site specific programming as well as deliver the best image possible in order to showcase each displays HD capabilities. After months of research, we found EnQii to be the perfect match for our client”

We believe that following on from the success of the Fred Meyer installation, Fry’s (another Kroger owned store) has also installed a similar solution at 14 locations.

In a nice testimonial to EnQii, Dan Desmarais, PEM Merchandising Specialist of Fred Meyer told us “EnQii technology delivered beyond expectations. Its ease of use made it possible to always have the right message in front of the shopper at the right time.”

In US Retail at the moment we are seeing an incredibly interesting battle take place between various signage vendors – with the likes of YCD Multimedia and EnQii both targeting CMO’s (and doing quite well at it) versus Stratacache who seem to be making inroads everywhere with their broad based partner annd IT approach (Broadsign, Cisco and Scala where are you?)

EnQii probably have the upper hand at the moment – there are a lot more announcements from them to come but let battle commence!

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