More OOH Value Research (And Webinar)

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Toronto-based Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada’s most recent research again has backed up the claim that OOH advertising is a cost efficient vehicle in reaching today’s active consumers.

Vision Critical recently conducted a comprehensive study of Out-of-Home advertising campaigns across five product categories: wireless services, telecommunications, packaged food, quick service restaurants and casual apparel. The survey was commissioned by OMAC to analyze the relationship between advertising spend levels and recall performance, as well as the influence OOH has on key brand metrics.

Among findings are:

  • OOH advertising is a cost efficient vehicle in reaching today’s active consumers;
  • An analysis of recall levels vs. advertising spend showed that OOH outperformed TV
  • OOH advertising positively impacts key brand metrics such as intent to purchase, information seeking and product recommendation

And tomorrow, Oct. 5, from Noon to 1p.m. OMAC is running a webinar for those interested in building a brand relationship with a targeted consumer group. In this webinar dedicated to indoor OOH place-based venues, participants will gain an understanding of the many networks, products and target audiences available, and how to leverage the opportunities for personalized communication and interactivity they offer.

Topics Include:

  • Audience delivery, measurement and campaign planning tools;
  • Place based OOH products and networks;
  • Case studies highlighting product sampling, experiential marketing and measurable results.

This training is available at no charge for agencies, advertisers and OMAC members only.

 To register, or to simply learn more about the new research, contact OMAC at

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