Power Snooker To Create Hype Using DOOH

Geny Caloisi

In a few days time, Power Snooker, a new take on the traditional cue sport, will be premiered at Indigo2 on 30th October 2010. UK Mall specialist RAMVISION, is the event’s official out of home media partner and it will promote the proceedings of the game and the event itself, by broadcasting it in every major UK city, via its 42 major shopping mall networks.

Go Ronni!

Power Snooker is the brainchild of Ed Simons and Rod Gunner and is an innovative re-working of the 19th century game, where it is points and not frames that count. The full eight hour event will be broadcast live on ITV4 and covered by ITV Sport and talkSport radio.

According to RAMVISION, this will be the first time a sports event is edited, packaged and broadcast on DOOH screens in the same day. The general public will be able to learn what’s happening as they go about their daily shopping on RAMVISION’s ‘Iconic’ and ‘Walkway’ screens in over 500 locations. 

Rod Gunner, the creator of Power Snooker was quoted as saying “Power Snooker is completely different from the traditional game. It’s against the clock and will deliver an exciting, fast moving, fun experience. The players will also be mic’d up throughout, and as it’s going to be on live TV this could making things even more exciting!”

RAMVISION’s Managing Director,  David Da Costa told us “this is an exciting move for RAMVISION, it gives us the opportunity as one of the UK’s fastest growing digital media network  owners to platform our technology for such a prestigious event and we look forward to help revolutionising such an event with our bespoke digital out of home technology”

Gunner added “Power Snooker isn’t about sitting quietly watching, it’s about noise and interaction; feeling a part of it and enjoying yourselves. Because of its fast pace, and all the elements involved, the game will appeal to a much wider audience than traditional snooker, introducing a new and younger crowd.”

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  1. Raji Kalra Says:

    Absolutely brilliant….well done Guys!!! Do you know of a way us Canadians can watch the action on-line?

  2. susanne Says:

    The Power Snooker event will be broadcast by ITV Sport, live on ITV4 with talkSPORT as the national raqdio partner. So sorry if you cannot connect through Canadian broadcast network 🙁

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