Samsung Reorganisation Results In 8 Layoffs

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There seems to have been a ‘companywide reorganization’ at Samsung Americas last Friday which has resulted in 8 people being laid off. News is starting to filter through with the names of some of those unlucky enough to get axed.

From what we can gather, they may well have let go all of the ‘specialists’ which include the Pro AV specialists; one name confirmed as having gone was Denis Hoshizaki – Denis was the number 2 to Brad Gleeson at Activelight for many years, often being seen as the person behind Brad that always made things happen.

A company insider who did not wish to be named told us that “8 people were let go in total, 2 in our AV projection group”

He added “This is nothing major, the company just decided it was not worth putting people on chasing the general AV market and our resources are probably better spent on display business. Let’s just say it was more trimming of fat”.

Samsung have a lot (hundreds) of folks in the U.S. on sales/marketing, so this round of layoffs (whilst unsettling for those involved) was a very small percentage as a whole.

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