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FlashTV Buy More ITrans

FlashTV, who are fast becoming one of those networks that we really like, have just taken delivery of even more Screen Technology ITrans modules.

Lim Hoong Teng, CEO, FlashTV told us yesterday “We are very excited about working with Screen Technology in elevating the level of effective advertising around the region. We will be doing this through the use of indoor out-of-home large screen formats. Malaysia’s market is a stepping stone for what will be a most interesting era in digital signage”

Hoong Teng is a real visionary, go-getter and one ‘helluva nice guy too’ and we have been following closely what they have been up to in Malaysia over the last 6 months.

Screen Technology’s press release tells us that “the high brightness, high resolution video cubes are destined for use in digital advertising applications in Kuala Lumpur”

It goes on to say that “typically the screens will be located in sites where long customer dwell time suits the video and text advertising content that FlashTV also produce and deliver”

FlashTV tell us that they have several plans for the modulesand have already signed a rental deal for a particular application – as well as planning to promote the product heavily in the South East Asia region in partnership with Screen Technology.

Paul Bayley, Screen Technology CTO also told us “We are encouraged by the strength of interest they (FlashTV) have already received in the product from others in the region. We are confident that this is the beginning of a fruitful relationship for both parties and look forward to working with our innovative new partners in Malaysia”