All Shook Up @ SGIA Redux

Dylan Jones, Jones Digital Media

It’s a record breaking year for SGIA- over 20,000 attendees, which should make the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce extremely happy!

Over in the Digital Signage Zone, Charles Kelly Jnr. from Clarke Systems is setting out the finer points of setting up a digital signage network for the fifty or so attentive listeners, most of whom are taking photos of his powerpoint slides as he speaks. It’s a new trend I’ve recently discovered in conferences; the camera phone as a proxy note taker; maybe there’s an app for that?

Charles has some good points to make, spelling out the basics of digital signage and more importantly how to generate incremental revenue from the screens, which prompted a few pointed questions on exactly how much revenue, which were neatly side-stepped.

Despite his bullish outlook and optimism for the industry, it got me thinking. Are these print companies used to the day to day business of ink, print and delivery really going to start building out and managing digital signage networks for their clients? I’m skeptical.

After listening to a few other presentations all geared towards telling print companies how to set up a digital signage network, I get the feeling someone’s missing the point. These companies aren’t in real estate, they’re in the creative and content business, delivering their final product on paper.

We should begin by educating them on how to re-purpose the assets they’re creating (which are these days all digital) for the digital out of home environment. They create show-stopping still images, so why not show them how with a little imagination and ¬†an expert touch with After-Effects they can bring that WOW factor to DOOH? The next seminar, “how to determine ROI on your digital assets” may provide some useful insights.

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