Brian Boakes Joins John Ryan

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Brian Boakes told us last week “I’d be hard-pressed to find another organisation with so much management backing and growth potential” and he was of course referring to his new employer, none other than retail marketing agency John Ryan.

Back in September 2008 when we reported ‘Brian Boakes Leaves EnQii, Joins Camvine‘ we were slightly surprised at his choice of employer as it was well known within the UK industry that John Ryan were damn keen to recruit him but it seems that almost 2 years later they have finally got their man.

Brian added “I didn’t make a career change lightly, but having had the chance to get to know the John Ryan team (and John Ryan the man) over the past two years, I’m convinced this is the right move.

“While the nature of the company’s business with financial institutions forces it to adopt a low profile, it has quietly assumed a leadership position in bank digital signage networks on both sides of the Atlantic. By combining my industry experience of more than fifteen years, together with the deep sector insight of John Ryan, makes a powerful joint force within retail banking sector”

2 Responses to “Brian Boakes Joins John Ryan”

  1. Bloke Says:

    Wonder how long he’ll last…average shelf life in that role in Ryan’s UK office is around 2 years, right?

  2. Paul Says:

    You are right Bloke. Everyone in the industry knows that John Ryan hires a new “expert” every two years or so and then tosses them out when they don’t deliver great things. The problem isn’t that the experts they hire don’t know what they’re doing. It’s that the existing management team isn’t really open to changing- yet another example of their arrogance and limited vision which has been widely discussed on this site and others. And it’s the reason John Ryan never really gets any traction and will always be an “also ran” in the digital industry.

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