Primesight Glasgow Subway

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It has taken Primesight sometime to make their first proper digital investment since buying Titan’s roadside billboard inventory well over a year ago (see August 2009 story here) but here we now see a number of digital screens on the Glasgow Subway.

We understand that they are covering 6 stations with 11 panels to start with and believe that they went live on 11th October running 4 digital slots and a space for local news content provided by Scottish television. This is a software win for signagelive we think.

The sites are a mixture of Cross Track , Platform and concourse locations within ticket halls but all use the same 6-Sheet sized digital enclosure. Primesight would undoubtedly have selected the best sites with highest dwell times in order to make the most of the creative platform.

Interestingly the ‘network’ retains full 3G access while underground, therefore improving opportunities to drive mobile search for clients even when underground! Let’s hope that OOHGLE like they get some brands really taking advantage of that with their creative and advertising campaigns.

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